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Wi-Fi Marketing or WiFi Advertising is a new trend of mobile phone marketing because it allows your business to send adverts and messages freely to people with iPhones, Blackberrys and Android phones.

These customers may not have access to Bluetooth but would certainly want to take advantage of using a Free Wi-Fi connection. With most people using their phones to access the Internet, the Wi-Fi Marketing service will help your business reach out to those people to advertise your latest special offers or coupons.

How WiFi Marketing Work

Keep in touch with Customers

1 Install Device
2 Setup Device
3 Connect To WiFi
4 Access to Content

Wifi Marketing Benefits

Free Advertising

Absolutely free, No hidden or monthly fee apply

Share Special Infromations

Share your catalogs, mobile apps, prices list, etc via WiFi offline or redirect to online URL

Connect with Customers

Get feedback from customers via WiFi and improve your services