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Wireless Menu

Customizable cloud base Menu System

With Wireless Menu you could upgrade your paper menu to modern, customizable menu which can be shown on all Wi-Fi enabled devices in your location.

In Wireless menu, your customers can access the photos and varies videos of foods, find the popular foods in your restaurants and see the reviews, get information about the ingredients and calories, etc. about their favorite foods and leave their feedback in the review section. You can also add your favorite features to the menu according to your restaurant requirements. These possibilities can increase the customer satisfaction and consequently the Wireless menu would be a way towards your business success.

By customer reviews you can detect your strengths and weaknesses and improve them; furthermore, despite spending much time and energy in getting orders, the waiters and staffs could attempt to improve the quality of services.

The mentioned features are only a small part of the advantages in utilizing our system. We would be happy to present a wider range of more comprehensive information to you. Please contact us through the communication methods bellow.


Provide modern Menu to your customers

Responsive easy to use and customizable menu .

1 Configure Access Point
2 Data Entry
3 Enjoy

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Fast service to customers

The customers can easily access the menu, order their favorite food and keep in touch with staffs.

Get feedback

Review the customers’ feedback and improve your weaknesses and find your strengths.

Make a good experience

Allow your customers to find your most delicious and popular foods and leave your restaurant after an enjoyable experience.

Identify repeat customers

Find your repeat customers and make them loyal by providing the special services, giving discounts or inviting them to the specific events.